Trakx and LumRisk Form Strategic Alliance

Market Insights May 11, 2022

MAY 11, 2022 – Paris, France – Trakx, an emerging global fintech company providing thematic Crypto Tradable Indices (“CTIs”) through its registered Tier-1 trading platform, and LumRisk, a leading Swiss-based provider of state-of-the-art risk consolidation, analysis and reporting services for institutional clients, today announced a strategic alliance through which Trakx CTIs will become the first crypto assets to be integrated and listed on the LumRisk platform.

Trakx is a global fintech company creating new standards for digital asset investments. Through its trading platform, Trakx offers thematic Crypto Tradable Indices (CTIs) and customised solutions, providing sophisticated investors a high degree of compliance, custody and liquidity. Trakx is registered with the French regulator (AMF).

With this new alliance, LumRisk clients will have full access to Trakx CTI data through the LumRisk platform. LumRisk’s extensive tools to aggregate, analyse, simulate, and visualise the risk characteristics of complex investment portfolios, will increase the ability of its clients to make smart investment decisions in digital assets. Trakx will in turn benefit from the widespread reach of LumRisk, expanding its audience of institutions, hedge funds and sophisticated traders, while strengthening its brand in new markets. While the LumRisk platform does not currently directly support trading, clients will be directed to the platform to trade Trakx CTIs.

Lionel Rebibo, CEO and founder of Trakx said, “Over the past year, through investments in technology and expansion of our partner network, we have made significant progress in providing our clients with the best digital-asset products, strategies and solutions that can help increase returns and navigate through what are still relatively new asset classes. LumRisk has built a strong reputation in risk management, transparency, and compliance and this alliance opens the door for their entrance into the digital asset arena, while expanding our target clientele. Trakx and LumRisk have very complementary businesses and we look forward to growing this partnership in the years ahead.”

Alejandro Bonilla, Head of LumRisk, said: “We are very pleased to be teaming up with Trakx, a leading global crypto trading platform. Crypto has been one of the fastest growing asset classes over the past few years and has shown that it is a powerful tool with the potential to generate attractive returns and diversify risk. Our collaboration with Trakx will provide users of the LumRisk platform with access to a full family of advanced investable crypto indices. Their indices currently include twelve existing strategies covering all segments of the crypto market, from Bitcoin to NFTs, and additional custom strategies can be implemented to suit investor needs. Trakx crypto indices will be a significant addition to the tools we make available to our clients for risk analysis, factor analysis and portfolio construction.”

In July 2021, Trakx was granted a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) licence in France and successfully launched its trading platform, The Company was the first to secure four registrations from a Tier-1 regulator, the French AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers). These licences enabled Trakx to launch its trading platform throughout Europe and bring to market its family of CTIs, which are fully backed, provide trading flexibility, efficient execution, deep liquidity, and secure custody.

Mr. Rebibo added, “Trakx was founded to make crypto investing more accessible for various types of institutional investors, helping them to embrace blockchain technology and its disruptive applications within their portfolios. We believe our CTIs offer the most complete index product range in the crypto markets today and we look forward to reporting on our progress.”

Trakx’ primary investor to date is ConsenSys, the leading Ethereum software company, that enables developers, enterprises, and people worldwide to build next-generation applications, launch modern financial infrastructure and access the decentralised web. After launching with initial seed capital, R&D financing, and grants from government agencies, Trakx is currently fundraising.

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LumRisk is an independent company that provides a risk aggregation and analysis platform for institutional investors and is recognised for its robust modelling and analysis of complex financial instruments and Quantitative Investment Strategies. LumRisk provides extensive on-line tools to analyse and simulate the risk and return dynamics of the user’s consolidated holdings, based on full transparency into all ultimate underlyings, as well as portfolio construction and factor analysis functionalities. LumRisk clients also have access to the largest database of fully transparent Alternative Risk Premia in the industry.

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